What an amazing week this has been for the Seahawks and the 12th Man.  After the Seahawks’ first Super Bowl victory, they came home with the Lombardi Trophy and paraded through the city where 750,000 fans showed their support and cheered them on along the two mile route from the Space Needle to Century Link Field.  I was just one of the many fans along the route applauding the teams’ triumph.

I brought my camera with me with high expectations of capturing the event.  What I wasn’t expecting was 749,999 other people who were sharing the event with me.  Don’t get me wrong, all the 12th Men were fantastic.  The energy was high.  Everyone was in a great mood.  And we all had one common goal… show the Seahawks just how much we love them.  The problem with taking photographs at such an event was that I couldn’t move.  Once I was planted in a spot the crowd closed in around me and it became difficult to move, to see, and to be creative with my photography.  It quickly became apparent I needed some basic settings on my camera that would work for just about any photo I wanted to take and I would have to be okay with capturing the event rather than getting the perfect shot.  I used my Nikon to take many pre-parade photographs.  Once the parade started I switched to my cell phone to take pictures only because it was easier to hold it above my head, see the subject, and take a quick photo.  Below are a few of my favorite pre-parade photos.


f/8, 1/250sec, ISO-1600, 0 step


f/8, 1/800sec, ISO-1600, 0 step


f/8, 1/320sec, ISO-1600, 0 step


f/9, 1/400sec, ISO-1600, 0 step


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